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Sandwich panel roll forming machine is to put the ainted steel coil with strong ...
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    This production line adopts advanced production technology in gas, electrical, mechanical, thermal insulation composite steel processing is the special equipment, working speed stepless speed change, can one-time composite type, full line of corrugated compound by feeding institutions, pressure (pressure, institutions, gelatinize, heating, composite, edge, notching, whole edge, pneumatic, automatic cutting), is the production of the industry factory premises warehouse etc room wall panel and the indispensable equipment.
    The parameter for sandwich panel production line : it divides into three parts: roller forming part, cutting part, compound part. The roller forming part is controlled by motor, Chain drives each roller turning.
    The sandwich panel production line is the main equipment for producing color steel laminboard, it has high strength, light weight, solid and durable, good appearance features and it is a new type building material.
    The construction is easy, project time is short. It widely used industrial workshop, big supermarket and warehouse, longspan roof and wall, and refrigerator, cleaning room ,air container room and so on.
    The parameter for sandwich production line:
    1.The overall dimension:45000mm*4500mm*2700mm( length*width*height)
    2.Working voltage:380V
    3.The whole power: about 32KW
    4.Total weight:25Ton.
    5.Working speed:0-4.5m/min
    6.Suitable thickness:0.3-0.8mm
    7.Coil thickness:20-300mm
    8.Coil Material: EPS, rockwool
    Sandwich panel roll forming machine is to put the painted steel coil with strong adhesive after moulding compound in the thicker material both sides of the inner core, formed a kind of high strength, light weight, heat insulation, durable, beautiful appearance of the new building materials. Widely used in light steel structure building roof and wall body, the product has bright color, without the characteristics of the secondary decoration.
    Sandwich panel roll forming machine adopts the advanced production technology with gas, electricity, machinery into an organic whole, is a special mechanical equipment processing caigang insulation composite panels, the working speed variable frequency stepless speed regulation, can one-time composite corrugated type composite panels, a full set of assembly line by feeding device, composite, coating, heating, edge, notching, whole, pneumatic and automatic cutting), is the production of industrial workshop, warehouse roof panel and wall panel, such as the indispensable equipment.

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