the overview of roll forming machine

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-11-25 08:03


   Each roll performs an incremental part of bend until the required design is obtained. The technology of those machines is being used in office furniture, automotive, material handling, automotive and industries of building products.

   One of the elements, usually in the form of roll is part of independent alternative arrangements, for example, arranged in a roll on roll about a vertical axis, and is favorable. This is because it allows large sections of the roll, or geometry, for example, or scroll through the adjacent elements to increase or decrease, such as rolling element spacing may be. Similarly, the corresponding elements of the position adjustment rollers on the permit or adjacent to affect the degree of folding changes as raw materials to pass between the roller.

   In a broad aspect, Z/C Purlin Machine provides a roll forming machine includes at least one roll by a pair of section elements of diversity, at least some elements are remote that the best is an independent, axial substitution, or otherwise be able to position adjustment by means of the remote control to change the configuration file, said at least one roller pair.





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