C purlin machine apparatus

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-11-23 08:09

      It is that a set of rolls can produce the shaping aircrew of Off-The-Shelf single roll of Model C purlin of many kinds of specifications that c purlin machine the apparatus of the tile machine.

The application question of c purlin machine.

1. the general roofing loads bigger, when the purlin of Model C calculates the difficult result calculating needs to choose the Model C purlin oversize, consider using the purlin of Model Z.

2. the area that has greater basic wind pressure, the purlin calculates that often the wind sucks force control at this moment, can also choose the intersection of Model Z and purlin calculate difficult, with the intersection of Model C and purlin at this moment.

Characteristic of c purlin machine and Z purlin machine.

1. the purlin of Model Z because the inertia distance of the weak axle direction is greater than the similar Model C purlin, so its globality is better than the purlin of Model C.

2. because want firm overlapping in the junction, becomes serial purlin after overlapping in this way, and the Model C purlin can only be calculated according to the simple supported purlin.

3. the purlin of Model Z is less than the purlin of Model C, can save materials, reduce the fabrication cost. But it is complicated to relatively install and transport the purlin of Model C.

4.C purlin machine generally suitable for the roofing with mild gradient; 

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