Product Description

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-11-09 08:31

     We specialize in Custom Roll Forming industry, and provide cold roll forming machines and equipment for all types of industries, with furnished the special metal sheet cold roll forming equipments. Roll forming is ideal for producing custom formed products with a consistent cross section, of any length, at an economical price. There are many applications for roll formed shapes. 

   Roller former is as the main part of roll forming line. Complete line of auxiliary items available, such as adjustable Entry Tables, width adjustable, Straightener Units, machine housings, stands, shaft, roll forming rollers or roll forming tooling, driving system, and electrical hydraulic controlled system, etc. 

    Equipment components: manual decoiler, main machine for roll forming, forming cutter, hydraulic system, PLC control, run-out tableMain parameters:

    1. Control System: Automatic PLC frequency control, text screen

    2. Roller Steps: 10/14

    3. Main Power: 4kw

    4. Pump Power: 4kw

    5. Diameter of Roller: Φ80mm

    6. Productivity: 8-12m/min

    7. Feeding Width: 1250mm

    8. Effective Width: 1000/1000mm, tolerance ±1/100

    9. Thickness of the Plate: 0.35-0.8mm

    10. Dimension of Main Roll Former: 7600mm×1650mm×1450mm

    11. Roller Material: 45#steel by CNC-machined heat treatment and buffing, and the thickness of surface plated chromium is 0.05mm.






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