The Knowledge of Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-10-16 08:07

     The compound machine unit of metallic heat insulation sandwich panel is to compound the thinner materials with high intensity inside the one-face or double –faced outer layer of the lighter and thicker inner core materials so as to form a new kind of building material with high intensity, light weight, superior effect of heat insulation and heat preservation, robustness and beautiful appearance. The outer layer is applied with a colored steel of 0.5~0.6 mm . The inner core is applied with EPS expandable self-extinguishing and flame-resisting type of polystyrene and foaming polyamine grease and its thickness is between 50~250mm upon your random selection.

     Metallic heat insulation sandwich panel is a new kind of idea versatile building materials for building upholstering. It has numerous kinds of superior capabilities such as moisturizing, sound insulation, light texture, waterproofing, and convenient decoration. It can be used in the public buildings such as industrial factory buildings, large-sized warehouse, metope of roof covering with large span, simple shed and booth, but also it can be used in the refrigerator, decontamination chamber and air conditioning chamber and other sites. For its light weight (1/40~60 of a common brick), high intensity, beautiful appearance, and convenient construction and short construction period, it has become a new kind of very ideal building material among the contemporary building materials so that been widely applied.

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