the relationship between roll former and metal roof panel

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-10-13 08:03

   On  site roll formers have been making metal roof panels from 22 and 40 gauge material for more than a decade. For example, Englert’s MetalMan Multi-Panel Roofing Machine runs virtually any size and gauge, including 22 gauge steel and 040 aluminum to ten panel configurations with minimum adjustments and less scrap.  A trademark feature of this roll-forming machine is that its rollers can be changed out by only one man in 30 minutes so that a new profile can be run immediately on the job site. Englert roll-forming machines are not the only machines in the marketplace with the ability to manufacture panels on the job site. Other manufacturers of on-site roll-formers have had the capability to run panels from 22 gauge, 040 aluminum and even 16 ounce copper for just as long. If your job is specified for heavy gauge material, you can manufacture the roofing panels with an on-site roll-forming machine and have greater flexibility. In fact, Englert’s roll-formers have some capabilities the factory-made panel people never want to discuss—simply because they can’t achieve them with their big factory floor machines. For example, the factory floor machines cannot make a tapered panel. Instead, these panels must be made on a brake, in short lengths – a time consuming process. Factory panel manufacturers cannot make a curved panel. Nor can they make a panel in their factories that will match the contours of a sagging roof.


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