Cutting Rolling Shutter Forming Machine with PLC Control System

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-10-12 08:02


    The equipment can be used for producing a rich assortment of doors and windows to cater for the trade’s requirements of wide varieties of sections and one series containing over ten specifications. The main range of products include hollow door and window sections, rolling fire door sections, burglarproof double door sections, single door frame sections, colored door and window section as well as modern stainless steel door  and window section. In addition to these, different section parameters among enterprises cause over hundred kinds of setions for our plant to deal with in the design of forming machines.


    This equipment is a specialized machine set for the stainless steel cold roll forming machine. It is designed and produced according to the requirements of our customers. It is belong to non-standard product.

   The first step is to put raw material on a cart, the cart will lift roll material up to the rack automatically. Hydraulic spading feeds the material into straightener, and enter into main machine. Die of main machine will progressively form to reach desired dimensions. Straightening device will help to eliminate internal stress to ensure flatness of products. Cutter will cut a intented length. Finally, the finished products will be moved away from the receiving platform.

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