The Problem of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-10-11 08:05

   1.floor deck roll forming machine basic principles straightening straightening bent or twisted, usually in the last one cutting die forming between the roller and, if the last one rolls can not effectively support profiles, then roll in the floor boards molding machine into a straightening mechanism side, must be supported on the entire profile cross-section, and for straightening the asymmetric, while straightening the torsional
deformation may occur, when the deformation of the profile opposite to the direction bending and torsion straightening.
   2.floor deck roll forming machine in the straightening process, the profiles from the top, bottom, left, right, requiring straightening institutions and profiles some of the gap between the relatively loose, straightening institutions and profiles on down, left and right surface can have a certain gap between the gap size 0.010-0.050in (0.25-1.25mm) between.
   3.If the floor deck roll forming machine straightening torsional deformation, the gap can be smaller. Straightening of profiles, the profiles do not need the full surface contact with the straightening mechanism, however, the bending deformation of the profile and around the site , the contact with the straightening mechanism is very important, in order to avoid deformed profiles, straightening mechanism to outline the profile radius of the arc of the arc cross-section to match.

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