Bronze sculpture Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-10-08 08:04

      Made in the Shang and Zhou bronze, copper based material regarding the embryo, Sandwich Panel Machine utilising sculpture, casting a sculpture made such means. 

      Bronze casting, when you decide main methods, namely, the lost wax method therefore the mold. PU Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine Emerging because of the modern to design molten copper Zhu Bingren law, master for this  inhabitants are relatively small. Lost wax: wax mold is created, and topical material shape, because the whole cast. Stainless Pipes , Mold method: utilize a wide variety, could be vital to undergo a sizeable bronze cast pieces, and afterwards it converge suitable whole. Melting copper method: computer software non-die casting process control, "no model" so smooth and natural liquid solution of copper shaped; "controlled" so that your copper on the liquid melt inside charge of the artist intended.

      Made in 304 stainless-steel or 301 stainless, Steel Coil utilized for automated instrument control and instrumentation signals you ought to get the wire and cable protection pipe, size from 3mm to 150mm. Ultra-small diameter stainless hose (4mm-12mm) regarded as a sophisticated digital camera, the sensor circuit protection solutions for precision optical ruler associated with an sensing circuit protection, industrial sensor circuit protection. Has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperatures, wear, tensile strength.

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