How to maintain jiaochi roll forming machine?

Submitted by XinNuo on 2013-03-17 09:42

    Most current chain has been listed as the international standard, the developed country national standards or Chinese national standards, the chain chain number identification, and it is easy to find from standard. In the chain in international trade, often with the United States, Japan, popular in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the chain enterprise chains, chains can be divided into short pitch precision roller chain, short pitch precision roller chain, heavy-load transmission with curved plates roller chain, cement mechanical chains, plate chain, and Angle chi pressure tile machine chain generally chooses import 1 "or 6 points chain, using high strength chain series, professional for the suitable engineering, manufacturing facilities, complete production line and special environment supporting the use.
    Angle is following pressure tile machine  speaking, similarly also want to pay attention to variable speed pulley, gears and after the flywheel, etc. Use the same principle to maintenance and lubrication these parts.
    Need lubricated regularly, lubricating oil, use dry cloth to wipe the chain excess oil, can avoid the dirt and dust attached to mount before in the chain, remember to clean the chain mutual connection, to ensure that no smudgy residue, chain after cleaning, in assembly joint ago, also must take the shaft on the inside and outside some more oil, so as to ensure the machine by pressure Angle, efficient operation.

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