XN76-344-688 floor deck roll forming machine

The deck floor panels forming by this machine is used for building surface panels...
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    The deck floor panels forming by this machine is used for building surface panels, it has many advantages, such as high wave, high strength, high automation and low cost. Steel structural floor panel is the type of steel construction material with character of low light, hard, easy to install, which extensively apply in constructing skyscraper, residential building and bridge. HBYX series steel structural floor panel with the feature of reliable, convenient operation, automatic can be used in various steel structural floor panels forming. This machine is composed of uncoiler, feed leading table, main forming machine, punching system, cutting device, hydraulic station and computer control system.
Units including: manual decoiler, main machine for roll forming, post cut, hydraulic system ,PLC control, stacking
    1.control system: automatic PLC frequency control, text screen.
    2.roller steps:27 rows
    3.main power:18.5kw
    4.pump power:15kw
    5.Diameter of roller: Φ95mm
    6.max speed:10m/min
    7.feeding width:1000mm
    8.the effective width:688mm,tolerance ±1/100
    9.thickness of the plate:0.35-0.8mm
    10.the dimension of main roll former: 15000mm×1200mm×1100mm
    11.roller material:45#steel,CNC-machined ,heat treatment, buffing, surface for electroplating chromium 0.05mm
    688 floor deck plate roll forming machine is mainly composed of feeding machine, the feed import platforms, molding host, punching device, cutting device Many parts, hydraulic station, computer control cabinet, etc.
    688 floor deck plate roll forming machine production of steel plate shape concise, waviness, the intensity is high, the installation spot welding steel fabric shop Combined with concrete field irrigation, after good adhesivity. In high-rise buildings can save steel template and can reduce load, floor in Reach the same bear ability under the premise of reduce steel weight of the project, from saving investment.

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