C10-C21 double deck roll forming machine

Hebei Xinnuo double layer roll forming machine uses the newest double design, one...
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C10-C21 double deck roll forming machine
    Hebei Xinnuo double roll forming machine uses the newest double design, one machine product two profiles. This is C10-C21 two profiles, all popular in Russia, Ukraine. It cover small area, easy to transport, cost savings. Our after-sales service is perfect, and we can special design and manufacture according to user requirements, at the same time, guide the users production, installation, debugging and maintenance. The client can choose any two profiles, we can design the machine according to your requirement.
    Equipment components: manual decoiler, main machine for roll forming, forming cutter, hydraulic system, PLC control, run-out tableMain parameters:
    1. Control System: Automatic PLC frequency control, text screen
    2. Roller Steps: 10/14
    3. Main Power: 4kw
    4. Pump Power: 4kw
    5. Diameter of Roller: Φ80mm
    6. Productivity: 8-12m/min
    7. Feeding Width: 1250mm
    8. Effective Width: 1000/1000mm, tolerance ±1/100
    9. Thickness of the Plate: 0.35-0.8mm
    10. Dimension of Main Roll Former: 7600mm×1650mm×1450mm
    11. Roller Material: 45#steel by CNC-machined heat treatment and buffing, and the thickness of surface plated chromium is 0.05mm.
The debugging method of double roll forming machine
    1, the first double roll forming machine two, after the four corners of the line from frame exactly at the top of the shaft height consistent amount, and then from the first row to the last row, find a straightened wire, check, whether under shaft in a straight line, under the axis of left, right sides move into level.
    2, the molding machine first and last row find good center, and then tighten the lock nut on both sides, pull a straight line in the center of the middle wheel before and after, the gap adjustment, the shaft well, can adjust machine down the line.Debugging method
    3, double roll forming machine platen deflection plate to the right, such as running, pad left corner, or down the right bottom.

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